Jacqueline writes:
Starting to paint is starting to see. To analyse: I look at things in life as paintings, forever looking at the light touching an object.
I started out as a physio, but my parents started to paint. I watched them as, later, my daughter watched me. She is an illustrator. I have been painting for thirty seven years now, full time for the last ten or so.
I was taught tonal painting by Graham Moore, a well respected painter and teacher who gave his students a very strong sound base in their work.  He still sits on my shoulder at times, disapproving I’m sure. Then pastel and life drawing with Ming MacKay. But oil painting has won me over again.
Studio work is my main preference at the moment, focusing on floral still life; but there is also the joy of painting in the landscape in any weather, or sharing a model for life work.
Many of the subjects I paint incorporate beautiful pieces of art, sculpture and prints. Many were collected in Japan when my family lived there and I was a small child, others have been collected by my husband who is an inveterate collector. The blossoms and flowers grow in our garden outside Melbourne. Altogether, a happy circumstance.  Painting is a sometimes frustrating but thoughtful occupation, with the chance to listen to great music at the same time, and I wouldn’t wish to be doing anything else.